Privacy Policy(under the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information)

This privacy policy was originally prepared in the Japanese language, which language shall control, and any translation in any other language shall be for reference only and shall not bind you or SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd..

1. Collection of Personal Information

Personal information refers to information regarding an individual that can identify the specific individual based on the name, date of birth, or other description contained in such information (including information that can be easily cross-checked against other information and can thereby identify a specific individual).

SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd. (Address: Shibuya Hikarie, 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8510) ("SDP") collects personal information in certain cases. SDP hereby publicly announces the purposes for which the personal information may be used.

2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

SDP may use the collected personal information to:

  • ・Provide contents and other services for information provision, and system utilization
  • ・Carry out sales, sales solicitation, shipment and provision of service of SDP's products or the products of third parties (including travel, insurance, and other financial products; same shall apply hereinafter)
  • ・Advertise or promote SDP's products or the products of third parties (including delivery of direct mail and transmission of e-mails)
  • ・Invoice fees and calculate charges
  • ・Carry out identity verification and authentication services
  • ・Provide after-sales service and respond to inquiries and complaints
  • ・Implement surveys
  • ・Carry out contests and campaigns
  • ・Carry out marketing data surveys and statistical analyses
  • ・Provide payment services and distribution services
  • ・Develop new services and functions
  • ・Provide system maintenance and handle system malfunctions
  • ・Post information that is written by members in an auction
  • ・Use for any other purpose that is separately provided for each service offered by SDP

SDP may jointly utilize the collected personal information as follows.

  • ・The categories of collected personal information to be jointly utilized:
    Name of person, e-mail address, inquiries and complaints
  • ・Specific companies to jointly utilize the collected personal information with SDP:
    DeNA Co., Ltd.
  • ・Purpose of utilization
    Response to inquiries
  • ・Company responsible for the collected personal information to be jointly utilized
    SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

3. Provision of Personal Information

SDP may provide personal information to third parties in the following cases:

  • ・When the individual identified by the personal information has consented
  • ・When the disclosure of personal information is requested by a court, public prosecutors office, police, tax authorities, bar association, or other body with equivalent authorities.
  • ・When making a disclosure to an insurance company for the purpose of making an insurance claim
  • ・When making a disclosure to the seller or the winning bidder in a case where an auction member uses a transaction support tool specified by SDP
  • ・When making a disclosure to a financial institution, credit card company, collection agency, or other businesses that engage in settlement or provides settlement agency services for the purpose of settling charges and other amounts that should be paid to SDP or the seller
  • ・When all or part of the services provided by SDP is subcontracted to a third party
  • ・When making a disclosure to a person that owes a duty of confidentiality to SDP
  • ・When it is necessary for SDP to exercise its rights
  • ・When making a disclosure to a business successor upon a business succession through merger, sale of business, or otherwise
  • ・When it is permitted under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other laws and regulations
  • ・In other cases that are separately provided for each of SDP's services

4. Handling of Personal Information by Linked Websites, Etc.

The websites and e-mail newsletters operated by SDP may include links to external websites. SDP has no control over any personal information that is registered on such external websites, so SDP will not be responsible for such information.

When registering personal information on an external website, it is encouraged that you review the privacy policy for said website.

5. Personal Information Protection System

SDP's personal information management committee decides on the policy for the handling of personal information and reviews the operational status of this policy. Furthermore, the department that is responsible for the management of personal information is staffed with a personal information management supervisory manager, and this individual provides guidance for the proper management of personal information. In addition, SDP provides training for the protection of personal information to new employees when they join SDP.

6. Changes to Privacy Policy

SDP may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. If a material change is made to this Privacy Policy, SDP will announce such change on its website.

Please check this webpage on a regular basis and ensure that you understand SDP's Privacy Policy.

Request to Customers

  • ・On the websites operated by SDP, the customers' registered information may be protected by a user ID and a password. It is your responsibility to manage your user ID and password.
  • ・To ensure that the websites operated by SDP can be used in a safe manner, please do not post personal information about yourself or others on the websites operated by SDP.
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